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A wide variety of second-hand “Swiss used quality” machines that involved both rigorous and careful maintenance of each piece of equipment. A complete and personalized check is carried out before any acquisition.

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    • Q-COVER ONE -CMC Auriga

      CMC Auriga


      machine designed for the production of binders and covers for medium and small production runs. It stitches one side at a time, with automatic corner binding. The cover is then passed through the press/calender and out onto a small table.

      • Gluing machine for hot or cold glue
      • Suction table with squares for positioning the cardboard
      • Folder for corner folding
      • Calender
      • Foot-operated release
      • Min. format: 120X150 MM
      • Max. case size: 480X700 MM
      • Max. laminating size: 500X700 MM
      • Board thickness: 1.5 – 3 MM
      Year of manufacture 2017
      Availability immediatly

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